Gasp, eek, shock and horror!  Warning - dramatic rats at large!

See, as Daddy Rat, Mummy Rat and Sonny Rat have their very agreeable lives upset by Rebel Rat, Mauler the Cat and the sinister new Science Teacher.

Set in a rat's cage in a school science laboratory "Rats!" is a satirical look at humans as revealed through the antics of a family of rats. Issues include racism, chauvinism, bullying, anti-vivisection and fear of freedom.

A funny, energetic and thought provoking play.

TITLE: Rats!

TYPE: One act play

CAST SIZE: 4 actors (mixed gender)

PERFORMER'S AGE: Suitable for performance by children / students aged 9 and upwards.

Also suitable for performance by adults for children

TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 - 12 year olds

PRODUCTION SUITABILITY: Suitable for both theatre and school productions.

RUNNING TIME: approx. 45 - 50 mins

Contains scenes suitable for audition, competition and presentaion purposes.

Script purchase includes a licence to make multiple printed copies of the play for production, performance, workshop or classroom use.

Script purchase also includes a licence to perform extracts from the play for audition, competition or presentation purposes. Click on the performance rates information link below for details about this or other performance rates information

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"Rats!" Introduction and sample dialogue © Copyright, John Summons, 2004. All rights reserved.

Rats! Introduction

Sample dialogue from RATS! Scene

from "RATS!" Scene 4

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